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Shockwave therapy


It has emerged as a possible treatment option for patients with chronic tendon problems. The treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. This quick, effective procedure harnesses intense but very short energy waves to heal many chronic painful orthopedic conditions.




What Is This

It is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and veterinary medicine. Its main assets are fast pain relief and mobility restoration. Together with being a non-surgical therapy with no need for painkillers makes it an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure various indications causing acute or chronic pain.

How can help?

Acoustic waves with high energy peak used of it interact with tissue causing overall medical effects of accelerated tissue repair and cell growth, analgesia and mobility restoration. Common health issues that can be successfully treated with It include:

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis

  • Jumper’s knees

  • Heel spur

  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow

  • Medial tibial stress syndrome

  • Chronic muscular trigger points



People suffering from tendinopathies exhibit reduced mobility due to the pain caused by the movement of the tendons involved. Recently, It has been used as a treatment option, which is non-invasive, simpler, faster and safer


Grand Genesis Physio


It has shown to effectively treat the following conditions:

  • Feet – heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis
  • Elbow – tennis and golfers elbow
  • Shoulder – calcific tendinosis of rotator cuff muscles
  • Knee – patellar tendonitis
  • Hip – bursitis
  • Lower leg – shin splints
  • Upper leg – Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Back pain – lumbar and cervical spine regions and chronic muscular pain

Some of the benefits of  treatment:

  • It has excellent cost/effectiveness ratio
  • Non-invasive solution for chronic pain in your shoulder, back, heel, knee or elbow
  • No anesthesia required, no drugs
  • Limited side effects
  • Main fields of application: orthopedics, rehabilitation, and sport medicine
  • New research shows that it can have a positive affect on acute pain


Are there any side effects?

Shockwave therapy should not be used if there is a circulation or nerve disorder, infection, bone tumor, or a metabolic bone condition. Shockwave therapy should also not be used if there are any open wounds or tumors or during pregnancy pregnant. People using blood-thinning medications or who have severe circulatory disorders may also not be eligible for treatment.

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